Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ajisen Ramen

Whoa. There was a long ass line today for lunch. Probably cuz it was -5 degrees in LA. I guess everyone had the same idea as me.

I ordered the Ajisen Ramen with cabbage, pork, half an egg, and seaweed. It was quite delicious! I loved the broth and the noodles were cooked perfectly. Not al dente which I hate.

BF had the seafood ramen which came with scallops, mussel, 2 baby octopus, and shrimp. His broth was lacking in flavor, but I was able to steal his baby octopus. They were okay, kinda bland as well.

see the red baby octopus in the corner?

We also ordered the fried tofu which sucked. No flavor and the dipping sauce it came with tasted weird. The fried croquettes were dry and not too tasty. I took one bite and gave it back to him.

2 pieces of fried tofu. bleh

very dry croquette

I'll give them 3.5 stars, but if they improve their sides and made the seafood broth more flavorful, I'd bump it up to 4.

Cost for ramen- $8.25 for Ajisen. $9.75 for seafood.

Ajisen Ramen
Century City Mall Food Court
10250 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90067


Justin said...

sorry to hear about the dry croquettes... i just had some awesome ones this weekend at a favorite japanese spot in nyc.

Kung Food Panda said...

Is this place new? I don't remember seeing a ramen shop when I worked in Century City before? Sucks to hear the side dishes were subpar though....

Pandalicious said...

Justin- what's the place? I'm headed to NYC in a couple weeks.

Danny- Yeah, it just opened last week? it's where the dessert place used to be.