Sunday, February 7, 2010

JJ Bakery and Cafe - Great TW Restaurant

One of my top Taiwanese places! It's cheap, decent service and the food is delicious.

We came here yesterday for some good eats around 5 pm and I was so happy we got seated right away. I've been here when the wait was 30 minutes and it's so hard to not want to stare people down to hurry up and leave when you're starving.

Ordered up a storm since I hadn't eaten all day, except for some cheese and crackers.

Stewed seaweed- So good! I love seaweed in any form, and this one hit the spot with the slightly slippery texture and perfect taste.

She accidentally gave us stewed pig ears, which I do like, but I just wasn't in the mood for ears, so I sent it back.

Fried daikon rice cakes. OMG. I love these!! We all did. I think it's the garlic sauce they put over it, along with some chopped cilantro, cuz the flavor explosion in your mouth is insanely good.

Green onion pancakes- They were okay. Not really crispy, so I would forgo this dish.

Beef noodle soup- OMFG. One of the best I've had! Huge bowl of beefy goodness, with a bit of spice to kick up the flavor. I had to take this to go, it was too big to finish. This is a must try! Noodles and beef are cooked perfectly, and there are some tendons thrown in for good measure.

My sister ordered the noodles with pickled snow veggies.. She liked it, and I didn''t try any since it looked kinda bland compared to my NRM.

Kiddo had the shrimp fried rice. She liked it, and it was a huge portion. Could have used some seasonings, but that's what the white pepper is for!

All this food cost $33 before tip! And yay, they take credit cards!

We hit up the adjoining bakery after lunch and I picked up some freshly baked taro bun, green onion bun, and coconut sweet bun for a mere $3.55. Love it!

JJ Bakery And Cafe
18558 Gale Ave, #168
City of Industry, CA 91748


Daniel S. said...

I think I tried stewed pig ears many years ago. They're very chewy right? I've never had stewed seaweed but that looks good. And I agree that the green onion pancakes need to be crispy, otherwise they're tough to cut and messy. The one I had a Mama's Lu was textbook. Beef noodle soup looks better than the one at DSW. $33 is certainly a good deal for all this grub.

Pandalicious said...

They are chewy, yet tender. So damn good. I notice that pig ears are the big trend in nice restaurants these days. Funny, since it's been in the Chinese cuisine forever.

YES! Mama's Lu has the BEST green onion pancakes!

Kung Food Panda said...

I love the pig ears!

I have to say, sometimes these cheap Chinese meal really hits the spot! :)