Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pourtal Wine Tasting Bar

My friend and I came here for happy hour the other night. Happy hour goes from 4-7 pm and we got in at 6:52 pm. We sat down at one of the many high tables and waited for service.

Our waitress comes over, and told us that they have HH, but there was only 8 min left. Yeah, we know.

She left and came back about 9 minutes later to take our orders. We ordered a glass of wine each ($5) and 5 appetizers at $4 a pop. Good prices.

We asked for duck rillettes, olives, spanikopita, burrata and tater tots.

After about 10 minutes she came by with the olives and mini hot dogs. I was confused and asked her what the hot dogs were. She said they were kobe dogs. Um.. we didn't order those I told her. She said sorry curtly and took them away.

Another 10 minutes later we got the tater tots, duck rillettes and spanakopita.

I've gotta say, those duck rillettes were effen amazing. Similar in texture to pate, and served with toast, it was the best thing of the night. I could have ate another order of them. I'm sure it was laden in fat and I probably gained 5 lbs from one serving, but whateves, it was worth it.

Tater tots were average, crispy, but after a while was just okay.

Spanakopita was soft and flaky with a nice spinach and cheese filling. Another winner.

Olives were just average. Nuff said.

And the burrata? Well, I couldn't tell you as they never showed up. We tried to flag her down but she was too busy chatting with some people at the bar. Seriously, the service was just off. She got the order wrong, then forgot our other order, and basically ignored us till we got our bill.

Maybe she should have written down the order. Just sayin.

Or hire another server, since she was the only one.

I might come back to try the Monday all night happy hour, but I really hope the service is not as bad.


Pourtal Wine Tasting Bar
104 Santa Monica Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 393-7693


Anonymous said...

our busser did ALL the work, but indeed t'was Monday, and the HH ran all day. By bringing the dogs, we forgot all about the forgetfulness, since they did somehow manage to bring the correct orders even after we switched the items. food was ho-hum, but love the environs.

Daniel S. said...

Service fail! Ugh! Well at least you enjoyed the duck rilletts.

Pandalicious said...

sino - i do want to go back on a monday. hope it's someone else working!

daniel- yeah, service sucked, but good duck. u should try! $4 is a good deal!

nelehelen said...

i have never heard of this place! i deinitely need to go, especially for those fatty duck rillettes! i'll just have to run 5 miles to burn it off.. =/