Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lunch at Eva Restaurant

I enjoyed a pretty good lunch last week at Eva and I got a $25 gift card to use for my next visit. Thanks to Groupon, I purchased a 2 person prix fixe lunch deal for $35. Normally, the lunches are $22 each.

I got this Groupon back in April when the restaurant used to be open daily for lunch. Since then, it has changed the lunch hours to just Thursday and Friday, and most recently only Fridays. Since the Groupon expires 8/3, I had to go last Friday.

Didn't get a reservation since they were all booked up, but when we arrived, they seated us right away on the outside patio. Yay for not waiting, especially since it took me 35 minutes to get there from the westside.

Service was prompt, courteous and great overall. Jill and Alexander took care of us and both were super nice.

For my appetizer I went with the lettuce salad with tomatoes and this great dressing. Not sure what the dressing was, but it was creamy and had tiny bit of onions on it. I wasn't too keen on the tomatoes still having the vine on the top, but it was a small inconvenience. Yeah, it looked cute, but eating it required me having to remove the stem.

My DC had the chilled corn soup with tomatoes and tiny bits of chorizo. He liked it a lot and I thought it was okay. I'm not a fan of cold soup tho, so if it were warm, I'd probably enjoy it more.

For our entrees, we both had the fluke (white fish) with summer squash and this amazing buttery sauce. I loved this dish! The fish was soo soft and tender, it seriously melted in my mouth. A++

Dessert was watermelon for me and donuts for him. I'm a fan of watermelon, but felt that it wasn't really considered a dessert. It was just 3 slices of watermelon. Maybe they could have done something else to it? He didn't care for his donuts, and said they were dry and boring. Oh wells, donuts are hit or miss.

Overall, I liked the lunch and left feeling full, but not stuffed.

I'm coming back to use the $25 GC, and hopefully try their other dishes.


Eva Restaurant
7458 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 634-0700


nelehelen said...

hmm... i'm pondering if i should use my BBE code for this place. I've heard mixed reviews, but the menu looks pretty good. Sucks that your watermelon was a measly 3 pieces. I think they should've done SOMETHING to it.

stuffycheaks said...

wow, yeah watermelon is pretty lame for a dessert

Pandalicious said...

helen- yeah you should use the BBE for dinner. i heard the dinner is pretty good. watermelon was lame!!

stuffycheaks - exactly! do something with it!