Friday, September 10, 2010

Jinpachi - Toro Heaven

If you're looking for authentic Japanese food and sushi, Jinpachi is the way to go. I came here a couple weeks ago for dinner and I still fantasize about the amazing toro they serve here.

Located on Santa Monica Blvd in the heart of West Hollywood, Jinpachi is an unassuming restaurant that you can easily miss walking by. But, it's so worth the visit, even if you just get a few pieces of sushi.

Service was great, polite and on par. The sushi chef really knew what he was doing and each piece of fish was very fresh.

Here's what we ordered:

Sweet shrimp - I would skip this one. It tasted ordinary, not like the really amazing sweet shrimp at Sushi Go 55.

sweet shrimp & toro

Toro sushi - OMG. We ordered 4 pieces to start with and got 4 more because it was THAT delicious. Both of us took a bite and were in toro heaven. It literally melted in our mouths. I swear, I've never had better toro elsewhere. Definitely a must get item, but it's not cheap. It's still worth it though!

close up of toro goodness

Salmon sushi - Delicious and fresh as well. Like butter. Highly recommended.

Yellowtail sushi - Pretty good, but not outstanding.

Tuna sushi - Good, but not our favorite.

salmon, yellowtail, tuna

Spicy tuna, toro, salmon

Unagi - Very good, nicely grilled.

Blue crab hand roll - Yummy, but the blue crab hand roll from Sugarfish still holds my heart.

unagi, blue crab

Chawan Mushi - Loved it! Soft, silky, flavorful and packed with mushrooms and seafood. Simply delicious.

Mixed tempura - Came with white fish, shrimp, and assorted veggies. Kiddo liked it and it's a notch above the mixed tempura at other restaurants.

In a nutshell, I'd come back here just to eat toro. Mmmmmm. I'm drooling thinking about it now.

Save up because it ain't cheap. Just remember, toro!

8711 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 358-9134


Daniel S. said...

Everything looks amazing, especially the salmon. Yeah the blue crab rolls from SugarFish are amazing! We're fortunate to have so many good sushi options in the west side.

nelehelen said...

man.. i've been just having cheap sushi in an attempt to save money and your post just made me drool all over myself! LOL

i love sugarfish as well... mmmmmmm

Pandalicious said...

Daniel- yeah, i want a blue crab roll, it's been a while.

Helen- hope you get to try Jinpachi soon!!

Keri said...

Mmmmy kind of meal. This all looks like a dream to me. Super fresh, and some of my favorite picks at any good Sushi bar. Must try Jinpachi and try your recommendations soon. Great photos. Hope you're havin a great week. Take care, Keri

Anonymous said...

Stumbled across your blog today-- I should definitely try this place out! I've been put off my so many sushi places that serve toro.. most of the time its pretty subpar for the price that I don't even order it when I go out anymore except for really great places. I think I'll give this one a shot :)

Pandalicious said...

thanks for reading effingdericious! let me know how you like it. :)

Kung Food Panda said...

Oh man, I really want some sushi/sashimi right now...It's been so long!