Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Misfit - Not For The Faint of Heart

Very cool restaurant and atmosphere. We were looking for a place to eat on a weekend day and decided to give The Misfit a try.

We sat down by the window and proceeded to order. My friend had mentioned that the oysters here were yummy, but I wasn't in the mood for oysters.

However, it was happy hour and they had sangrias for $3.50 a glass. BTW, HH is 12-7 pm every day, so indulge! I only had one since it was the middle of the day.

What we ordered:

Ahi tuna burger, pan seared medium rare, meyer lemon aioli, avocado: Pretty damn tasty! I would have liked it if they didn't toast the bread. Toast and my mouth don't get along. Too hard for me. Other than that, good solid dish. ($12)

Baked mac + cheese, green chile, brown rice pasta + chorizo: Good lord, this was a dish to behold! It was super heavy, but delish. I found it a bit greasy for my taste, but then again, I kept eating it. Definitely a dish to share, as I don't forsee anyone eating this by themselves. ($14)

Prime rib french dip sliders, seasoned + sliced to order, homemade au jus: Yum! Another great dish, 2 sliders per dish. i liked the au jus which added flavor without being salty. ($13)

Fried chicken: 2 pieces of fried goodness. I loved the crispy skin and sweet mustard dipping sauce. You need to try this if you're a fan of fried chicken. Sure beats KFC by a mile!

The service was good and attentive. Music was way too loud. I would prefer to be able to hear my companions in the middle of the day, but loud music is fine at night.

I'd definitely come back. They also have bottomless mimosas!


The Misfit 
 225 Santa Monica Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 656-9800

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