Friday, January 27, 2012

Palsaik Samgyupsal Korean BBQ- 8 Flavors of Pork Belly

A group of us came here over the holidays to try the famous 8 flavors of pork belly. Not really being a fan of pork, I agreed to join because I've heard that even non-pork lovers like this place. 

We had a party of 6 with no reservations so we ended up waiting an hour! Yeah, we should have called. Ooops. The host gave us a coupon for a free pork belly which was nice of him. I think if the people who were just sitting at the table occupying space for 30 minutes AFTER they were done eating had left, we probably would have waited less than an hour. What is up with that? They weren't even talking, just sitting there. Did they not see the hordes of people waiting outside?!

Anyways, when we finally got seated, we put our purses and jackets inside the stools to avoid the smell of meat. Pretty clever idea! 


We ordered the 8 flavors, some spicy seafood stew and cold noodle soup.

kimchee + bean sprouts 
spicy seafood stew


The presentation of the pork belly is pretty incredible. Eight different rolled up fatty pork, just waiting to be devoured. I liked that the servers cooked it for us and even cut it up! I was wondering how we were supposed to eat the huge slices.

8 flavors of pork belly


The banchan was just some kimchee and bean sprouts thrown on the grill. But, it's not really about the banchan here, so don't expect tons of dishes.

I liked the spicy seafood stew which came with my favorite- baby octopus! The cold noodle soup that we ordered at the end was just okay.

cold noodle soup

Oh.. the pork belly? Yeah, it was pretty damn good. My favorite flavor was miso, with wine being a close second. I didn't like the curry at all. It was really weird.

All this food cost $20 each for our party of 6. Not bad!

I'd go back, but with a smaller group.

Parking is available in the lot, but you might have to circle a bit if it's during peak dining hours.


Palsaik Samgyupsal Korean BBQ
863 S Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90005

(213) 365-1750


Roland L. said...

Great review, Amy. Awesome photos, too! I've gotta try this place out. :D

Pandalicious said...

thanks for stopping by, Roland! you def do!