Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fatburger - Westwood

The attitude of the cashier girl is beyond apprehensible. I'm not sure what she's so pissed about, but she should be grateful she at least has a job!


Moving on to the food. Well, for $2.99 I got a small burger, 2.5 oz and boy was it tiny! My bf got the large burger and it was huge, but cost over $5. 

I also got an order of skinny fries, and he got an order of chili cheese fries. For all this fatness, we spent around $22. 

Was it worth the price? I think not. Sure, the burger was decent enough, but for less than $2.99, I could have gone to In-N-Out down the street and had a a regular burger served with a side of smile. 

I do have to say the fries here are better than In-N-Out. Chili fries were okay, nothing special. 

Bleh.. we know better. We just wanted to try something different, but this is what happens when you stray. 

Also, this location has a weird vibe. The clientele there is kinda ghetto, and after dining there, we slathered on Purell. 

Enter at your own risk.

10955 Kinross Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 208-7365


Buddha said...

I never liked Fatburger.

Pandalicious said...

dude, they used to be good. dunno what happened! but, IN N OUT FTW.