Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Seoul Sausage: The Food Truck Winners

Lots of people are loving Seoul Sausage, and while I did enjoy the food there, I don't think it warrants a 5 star rating. 

We came here on two occasions. The first time was during their soft opening where we tried the kimchi rice balls. I've never had anything like it, and was pleasantly surprised at the taste. Fried rice wrapped with kimchi. Pretty damn good! At $3 a ball, it's kinda pricey, but not over-priced. 

The owners were super nice and friendly, which is huge plus in my book. 

Our next visit was a few weeks ago to try their famous sausages. 

We waited in line for a few minutes and ordered the kalbi sausage and the spicy pork sausage. I've read the reviews raving about how fabulous the sausages were and was super excited to try them. 

kalbi sausage
spicy pork sausage

I thought the kalbi sausage was delicious and juicy. It came with a kimchi relish and garlic jalapeno aioli, but it could have used more of both. The bun was warm, but I felt it was too much bread. 

The spicy pork sausage wasn't spicy at all. It tasted okay, nothing special. Just a normal sausage. The apple cabbage slaw helped give it some flavor, but I wouldn't order this again, especially at $7. 

Overall, the sausages were good, but not anything spectacular. They should offer more toppings, especially at $7 each. 

Also, they charged my credit card 3 times!! I had to call my bank to get it resolved, which it did eventually, so if you're coming here,  bring CASH.

Lastly, there are only 2 tables outside to sit on, so plan on eating standing up at the counter or take it to go. 


Seoul Sausage
11313 Mississippi Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90005
(310) 477-7739


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