Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Abbey

I've never had a bad time at the Abbey. It's always got a good vibe goin' on and no one is trying to get up in yo biz. Maybe I should frequent gay bars more often.

I came here for lunch the other day and was pleasantly surprised they had a good selection.

The mocha was damn frickin tasty and I could have had 2 more, but opted to stay un-cracked out.

I had the ahi burger with a side of fries. Why would I get fruit with my burger? I'm not watching my weight. Anymore. Hahaha.. Ok, maybe I should. But, whateves. I choose to eat what I want to eat as long as I don't gain any weight and so far Mother Nature has been to good to me. Let's keep the fingers crossed.

Side note- they do have lighter options for those wanting healthier food. My DC had the egg white omelette with mushroom and tomato.

So, the burger was tasty and huge which meant more food for later! Fries were crisp and golden and tasted yum with the ketchup and Tapatio. I wish they had the green Tabasco though.

Oh wells. Can't complain. I was well satiated after that meal. *rubs tummy*

The Abbey
692 N. Robertson Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069

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