Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rain Nightclub

My friends and I hit up PERFECTO while in Vegas a couple weekends ago. We are huge electronica fans, so this was the place to go. Or so, I thought.

There was a huge ass line, but the girls in our group got in for free. Thanks to MA's boobies. :) Guys had to pay $40.

Once inside, the music was really loud, almost deafening. The dance floor was really small, as most of the other Yelpers have mentioned.

I fell down the stairs coming down from the upstairs area cuz there was no light AT ALL in that area. And no, I was not drunk, in fact I was sober. It hurt like a bitch and I bruised and scraped my left arm and leg really bad, but being the trooper that I am, I stuck it out. Good thing the lady in the restroom had band-aids. BTW, the wounds are still healing.

Ya'll need to put some lights by the stairs!! Someone could fall down and break something!

So. We came to see Darude ( Sandstorm DJ) and he was awesome! He had some bangin beats and got me outta my chair to dance. Thank god they had couches so I could rest my ass.

Crowd was mixed. No fights. People seemed to be having a good time, so I can't complain.

I loved the dancers in the glowing outfits and the fire show. Only in Vegas.

Doubt I will come back though. Unless a really awesome DJ was spinning here. Rain was way better when it hosted Pimp N Ho back in da day.

Rain Nightclub
4321 West Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89136
(702) 942-6832

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