Monday, April 13, 2009

The Association

While bar hopping on Friday night, we stopped in here for a drink.

Upon entering this underground bar, the first thing I notice is how DARK it is. It's hard to see anything, much less anyone.. I kinda felt like a blind bat.

I guess this would be good, but once they turn the "ugly" lights on, then THAT could be a downer.

Drinks were well made and moderately priced. For 3 drinks it was $25. Not bad! Definitely cheaper than $15 martinis at the W Hotel.

However, they did not carry Red Bull. Booo. And, not enough alcohol to make Long Islands. Double Boo.

Music was.. different. Not really my style, but it was decent and had a good beat. I wasn't too keen on the carpet though. It's hard to dance on carpet. I should know, I got rug burn from the carpet at the Mayan and I wasn't even doing the nasty.

So.. overall, this is a good bar to chill at before you go to another bar.

Randomness: Some girl in the restroom offered us a slug of whiskey from her flask. We politely declined.

The Association
110 E 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90014
(213) 627-7385

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Anonymous said...

Re random girl and flask, wth. LOL. That's too funny. Who does that?