Thursday, April 16, 2009

Empress Pavilion

Wow, it's been a year since I last came here. Reading my previous review, I know why.

We came here yesterday for dim sum and it was a 2.5 overall, but because I found a HAIR in my steamed dumpling, it goes down to a 2.


There I was all happy, eating my steamed shrimp and chive dumpling when I saw this nasty ass hair. OMFG. I almost barfed. I immediately threw it to the side and stopped eating. UGH. What a buzzkill.

Besides all that drama, the rest of the food was decent.

- Har gow: decent, nothing that great

- shrimp with long noodles: meh.. my kid said the shrimp was too chewy. I agree.

- steamed BBQ pork buns: this was pretty good, kiddo had 2.
- yellow bean bun: S and K both loved them. I don't eat dessert, so I didnt try

- sticky rice: great texture and perfectly cooked

- Chinese broccoli: one of my faves! I love greens, especially with my new "diet"

- tripe: yummy!! Me likey tripe-y!!!! Yes, it's gross.. but whatever, I'm Asian, I eat weird stuff

- turnip cake: pretty good, but I like it better when it is soft and not so hard


So, if I hadn't found that hair, I might come back. But, now, no way. BTW, it did get a B rating, so there.

Empress Pavilion
988 N Hill St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 617-9898

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