Monday, July 13, 2009

Palazzio Trattoria Italiana

If you are hungry, look no further than Palazzio. This Italian restaurant on State Street beckons customers in with a sign that says "you will not leave here hungry" and boy were they right!

ceiling above the bar area

We were beyond stuffed and we both had half orders of pasta. AND, there was at least half of the pasta left on both plates.

half order and full orders for everything

Our server was polite, friendly and got the job done. He even offered my friend extra garlic rolls to "take for the road". Of course he said no, since we had already devoured 3 rolls each.

Garlic rolls were very good, albeit too oily. I had to leave half of my 3rd roll cuz it was dripping in oil. But, they are freshly baked every 20 minutes and very addicting.

garlic rolls with plenty of oil

I had the spaghetti with meatballs and it was seriously ginormous. Way to saucy for my taste, but my friend liked it alot. I thought the meatballs were okay, nothing special. I've made better meatballs at home. But then again, I add veal, lamb and sirloin to mine. Anyways.

want some pasta with that sauce?

DC had the fettucine with shrimp, artichoke, and sun-dried tomato. I liked his dish better than mine, minus the cream. Not a fan of cream. But, at least his fettucine wasn't over-sauced.

fettucine only had 2 artichokes :(

Overall, this is an okay Italian restaurant if you are super hungry and not looking for anything fancy. It's all down home cooking and large portions here.

Another cool feature is the house wines by the glass. $5 a pop and it's on the honor system. You serve yourself, and just mark how many you've had on the paper tablecloth. Pretty cool indeed.

Palazzio Trattoria Italiana
1026 State Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93190
(805) 564-1985

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