Wednesday, November 30, 2011

VIDEO: Angel Hair Pasta with Asparagus & Truffled Egg

My newest video.. enjoy!

1. Marinate your asparagus (5 stems per person) in olive oil and salt and pepper.

2. In a saute pan, line bottom with OO -- this is your sauce. Add crushed garlic and red pepper flakes. Warm through on low, but don't cook.

3. When you drop the angel hair in the boiling, salted water, drop the asparagus in a grill pan.

4. The pasta takes only a minute or two to soften, so once al dente, transfer pasta to saute pan with the warmed olive oil. Reserve some of the cooking liquid and add to pasta as needed. Season with S&P.

5. Start your poached eggs.

6. Your asparagus will probably be done at this point.

7. Turn up the heat for the pasta and toss to coat and finish cooking.

8. Plate pasta. Add asparagus. Top with egg. Top egg with S&P (I used truffle salt) and truffle oil.

9. Finish with fresh basil and parmesan reggiano.

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